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The Flashbomb is famously known as the worlds fastest drying wetsuit, what it should also point out, is that its one of the best. The Hooded version you may recall from Mick Fanning and Mason Hos artic adventure on the Search. With Rip Curls finest wetsuit, theyre no compromises, all of the latest technology is included and if youre a regular winter surfer this wetsuit must be considered.

Constructed using the exceptional E5 Flash neoprene, its stretches, is lightweight and warmer than ever before. It is only in the Flashbomb though, that you get complete coverage of the E5 Flash lining, its two engineered layers will funnel water rapidly out of the suit making it one of the warmest and most comfortable suits in the market. To assist the suit warming abilities even further you get a front and back layer of mesh skin that absorbs solar heat to give you an extra kick form the sun that is hopefully shinning down.

All of these features are of no use if the seam construction isnt of the highest quality. Rip Curl have not let us down, they begin by triple gluing and double stitching the seam for strength and lose no flexibility across the seams. E5 Flash lining tape covers the inner seams to ensure theyre no gaps in the lining of your suit while adding an extra seal.

Getting in and out of the suit is easy through the chest zip entry system that also includes a lock slide closure to seal the entry point and prevent flushing. In fact, all of the potential flushing points within the suit, the face, hands and feet have seals to stop water getting in. The Hood has a pull lock seal and E5 Flash lining to ensure youre kept as warm as possible in the cold water.

The Flashbomb is for the surfer who wants the best wetsuit possible. If you want a high-end suit and youre not willing to compromise a cold-water session at the end of the season, then you must contemplate this wetsuit.

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• Rip Curl Flashbomb 6/4mm Hooded Chest Zip Wetsuit
• Wetsuit type: Hooded Fullsuit
• Thickness: 6/4mm
•Neoprene: E5 Neoprene. Its light comfortable and high stretch.
• Lining: 100% coverage of the E5 Flash lining to rapidly funnel water out of the suit
• Entry: Chest Zip entry for more flexibility and less bulk
• Seam construction: Glued and Blind stitched seams with E5 Flash lining tape for a comfortable seal

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